The True Story Behind A U2 Classic

The True Story Behind A U2 Classic 

Posted: 5:52 pm Monday, January 29th, 2018

By Joe Rock

On January 30th 1972 a protest march was held in the city of Derry in Northern Ireland.

In some places you will see the city listed as “Londonderry”.

That is a result of the disagreements that have plagued the area for centuries.

But on Sunday January 30th 1972 thirteen unarmed protesters were shot and killed by British soldiers.

A fourteenth person injured that day died at a later date from the injuries sustained that day.

The day would come to be known as “Bloody Sunday”.

The events of that day inspired the U2 song “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.

In 2010 the British government after many proceedings determined the soldiers were in the wrong and they even apologized.

If you’d like to know more about these events you can learn more here.